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About Abatron

Abatron is a privately held Swiss company, established in 1985. Abatron develops and produces high-quality, high-speed BDM and JTAG Debug Tools (BDI Family) for software development environments from leading vendors.


“Through the use of Abatron's BDI we were able to swiftly switch processor architecture but maintain our Linux based development environment, minimizing our learning curve.”

-Anonymous -, Barco



  • BDM debug support for ColdFire, MPC5xx/MPC8xx
  • JTAG debug support for PowerPC & Power Architecture® technology,
  • ARM, XScale, MIPS32/64
  • Host communication via Ethernet (10/100) and RS232 *)
  • Program download speed up to 1500 Kbytes/s
  • BDM/JTAG clock up to 32 MHz
  • Supports target system voltages from 1.2 – 5 V
  • Same hardware for all supported targets and debuggers
  • Flash memory on-board programming
  • Easy connection to the target system
  • Robust EMC-optimized design
  • Excellent price-performance payoff
  • 3 years hardware warranty
*) RS232 support for bdiPro and bdiAccess only

Excellent Performance

The BDI3000 communicates with the target system with up to 32 Mbit/s and allows very fast program download rates of up to 1500 Kbytes/s.

Advanced Hardware Technology

As a result of consistent implementation of latest technology, the BDI3000 is optimally prepared for further enhancements. The firmware and the programmable logic of the BDI3000 can be updated by the user with a simple configuration program. The BDI3000 supportstarget systems voltages from 1.2 Volts to 5.0 Volts.