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UEFI Firmware Security Webinar

Event location: Online
Event date and time:   23/10/2019 18:00
Platform firmware is increasingly coming under attack. While firmware is essentially software, it operates in a different environment than most software and can have a greater impact if vulnerable to attack. The UEFI Forum has developed processes to help members protect their firmware from attack. This webinar will feature experts from the UEFI Forum who will describe best practices for creating a secure development lifecycle (SDL) for implementation of more secure firmware.

How to Create a Secure Development Lifecycle for Firmware

Attendees will learn how to:  

  • Train your staff
  • Create secure designs
  • Security conscious development for firmware
  • How to implement testing that focuses on security
  • How to best respond to security issues

The presenters will also briefly cover the UEFI Security Response Team (USRT) and what it can do for you.

Date & Time

  • Wednesday October 23th from 18.00 - 19.00 hour

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This webinar will feature a panel of firmware security experts representing the Forum.

  • Brian Richardson, Industry Communication Working Group Chair
  • Dick Wilkins, Phoenix
  • Tim Lewis, Insyde Software
  • Eric Johnson, AMI