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ARM DS-5 v.5.23.1; New Cortex-A35, ARMv8-M Models and Video and more..

To start off 2016, ARM has added Juno r2 support in DS-5 debugger and new Cortex®-A35 and ARMv8-M models. In this update we also look forward to the latest ARMv8-M architecture and get ready to take advantage of improved performance and security.

Juno r2 support in DS-5 v5.23.1

DS-5 Debugger has new device support for the Juno r2 ARM Development Platform (ADP), an ARM Cortex-A72 based software development platform for ARMv8-A. Juno r2 includes the Versatile Express board and an ARMv8-A reference software port available through Linaro.

View the Juno r2 datasheet »

ftrace performance improvements in Streamline

In Streamline performance analyzer we’ve recently designed a more efficient way of collecting ftrace data, thereby reducing the probe effect. When enabled in the capture settings dialog, ftrace counters will display in the resulting report.

See the DS-5 v5.23.1 Changelog »

New Cortex-A35 and ARMv8-M Models

Cortex-A35 is now supported in both Fast Model and Fixed Virtual Platforms (FVPs). ARMv8-M support is also provided through the Architecture Envelope Model (AEMv8-M) along with beta models and FVPs for lead partners.

Learn more about FVPs »

ARMv8-M Video: What’s new for Developers?

Don’t worry if you missed our webinar on the next generation ARM Cortex-M MCU architecture, ARMv8-M. Watch this recording to get an overview of the new architecture, its advantages for performance and security, and what will change for developers of embedded systems.

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