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ARM DS-5 v5.22 has arrived!

DS-5 v5.22 brings Streamline support for Android trace events, updated C++ libraries in ARM Compiler 6.02, as well as documentation to make System on Chip (SoC) bring-up quicker and easier. We’ve also added a range of new example code and support for multiple DS-5 installations.

Streamline support for Android trace events

Streamline now features support for Android trace events alongside standard system events like performance counters and charts of CPU and GPU activity. In addition, user space gator now works for Mali-T400 series of GPUs and binary symbols can be fetched from the target device.

See some examples »

ARM Compiler 6.02 Released

DS-5 v5.22 now ships with the latest ARM Compiler 6.02, a major release containing updated C++ libraries, significant performance improvements over ARM Compiler 6.01 and enhanced support for ARMv7-M and ARMv6-M cores.

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Documentation for SoC bring-up in DS-5

In DS-5 v5.22 we have published more documentation on SoC bring up, enabling you to view and import model configurations in DS-5. This includes information on creating and editing a platform configuration, as well as configuring your debug hardware for autodetection.

Read the tutorial on SoC bring-up in DS-5 »

For more information about ARM DS-5 v5.22 please contact us.