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ARM DS-5 v5.23 has arrived

DS-5 v5.23 brings to you support for the new ARMv8-M architecture in ARM Compiler 6.3, pre-configured Streamline templates and performance improvements across the board.

DS-5-v5-23-ARM-compiler-6-3.pngARMv8-M support in ARM Compiler 6.3

DS-5 v5.23 includes ARM Compiler 6.3, bringing support for the new ARMv8-M architecture and power-efficient Cortex-A35 processor. There are also significant performance improvements when compared against previous versions of ARM Compiler.

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DS-5-v5-23-ARM-streamline.pngNew Streamline templates to analyze captures

In this release we’ve made it possible for you to configure and save templates within Streamline, to make it easier to share templates across captures and with other team members. There are also some pre-configured templates included for Mali GPUs.

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DS-5-v5-23-ARM-Libraries.pngHigh performance computing on ARM

We’ve just announced ARM Performance Libraries, our core maths libraries consisting of commercially licensed, optimized and validated BLAS, LAPACK, and FFT routines for 64-bit ARM systems.

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