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ARM DS-5 v5.25 available now

DS-5 v5.25 includes overlay support for ARM Cortex-R processors and enhanced support for CoreSight ELA-500 with DS-5 use-case scripts. DS-5 v5.25 also adds additional FVPs, core support and the Mali Graphics Debugger.

Key Changes in DS-5 Debugger v5.25

Additional core support
DS-5 v5.25 Professional and Ultimate Editions support cache visibility for Cortex-A5 and Cortex-A7 cores. Ultimate Edition also supports cache and MMU visibility for Cortex-A73, and debug support for ARMv8.1-A and ARMv8.2-A cores.
Additional Fixed Virtual Platforms
DS-5 v5.25 Professional Edition includes a license for single-core Cortex-M3 and Cortex-R4 Fixed Virtual Platforms (FVP). Ultimate Edition now includes a license for a wide range of single-core, multi-core, and big.LITTLE FVPs. The virtual platforms are delivered as part of the DS-5 installation package.

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