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BIOS Tools for Every Major Stage of the IoT System Development Cycle at Embedded World 2016

Insyde Software to Exhibit the Latest in UEFI Firmware for IoT and Embedded, BIOS Tools for More Efficient Development, and Systems Management Solutions for Enterprise and Cloud Computing Servers at Embedded World 2016.

Rely on Insyde’s comprehensive solutions and support services for getting your new IoT design to market.

Leading IoT and embedded computing companies around the world look to Insyde as their provider for the necessary integration, optimization and customization to get their products to market. With critical firmware, Windows IoT optimization, customization services and tools for every major stage of the IoT development cycle, Insyde can provide the technology and support to help you deliver timely and innovative products.
  • Support for entire Intel and AMD embedded silicon lineup
  • InsydeH2O UEFI BIOS supports the latest industry specifications such as UEFI 2.4, EDKII, secure firmware update, TPM (Trusted Platform Module) and more
  • Easy drop-in IoT & Embedded features including Multiple SIOs, serial console redirection, hardware monitor, Fast Boot + customization
  • Intel FSP and Bootloader support
  • EDK-II BIOS tools for faster & easier IoT deployment, improve productivity and lower cost of production


Supervyse Systems Management Solution Deliver a Robust Systems Management Foundation for Enterprise and Cloud Computing Servers.

Insyde Software’s Supervyse® product family is a suite of scalable and secure systems management solutions. System administrators world-wide utilize Supervyse to gain remote access of computers with BMC (Baseboard Management Controllers) implementing IPMI (Intelligence Platform Management Interface) and DCMI (Data Center Manageability Interface) specifications. Supervyse allows users to monitor server system health and to manage critical events of remote systems via internet browsers.  Key features of the Supervyse family include:
  • Out-of-Band remote platform management
  • Supports all common industry standards including IPMI, DCMI, SMASH, SM CLP, 
WS-MAN, Redfish and more…
  • Full-featured KVM and Media Redirection
  • Fan control, sensor monitoring and power management
  • Comprehensive security features
  • Customizable web UI

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