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Critical consumer expectations; value for money

If the best products provide an excellent user experience, the best-selling products also provide excellent value for the money. With so many forces attempting to get a share of the consumer wallet, you need to build products that are “worth it”, and that usually means a bill of materials that’s as low as you can manage.


Build your niche-market product with scalability in mind so you can move from a high-end microprocessor to a lower-priced microcontroller with ease

Plan for scalability to meet user value

The solution is to plan for scalability. From the electronics point-of-view, you should choose a microprocessor line for your initial product that’s part of a product family with lower price-point cousins. Use a tool set that isn’t inherently tied to beefier processors and that can scale into smaller - yet still capable - microcontrollers. Ensure you’re building a product that could run on a lightweight microcontroller even if your initial design hasn’t yet taken the necessary steps.

Quite simply, design can no longer be an afterthought.

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