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DS-5 Ultimate Edition Release

DS-5 Ultimate Edition will be available mid-April and is a superset of DS-5 Professional Edition, adding support for ARMv8 development and the new ARM Compiler 6.
DS-5 Ultimate Edition provides a complete development environment for ARM v8, including debug, compilation, performance analysis, and models, all incorporated into the Eclipse IDE for ease of use. Our tools have been validated with h/w and models and are being used extensively by ARMv8 partners today.

To summarize:
  • DS-5 Ultimate Edition is a complete s/w development toolsuite available to the general public, providing a robust, stable environment for ARMv8 development.
  • New ARM Compiler 6 based on Clang/LLVM compiler infrastructure provides improved diagnostics and efficient code generation.
  • DS-5 Debugger and Streamline performance analyzer expedites software development and performance tuning on ARMv8 platforms.
  • ARMv8 Fixed Virtual Platform gets software development started prior to h/w availability.

To learn more about DS-5 Ultimate Edition and the new ARM Compiler 6, contact your sales representative at Logic Technology.