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ARM Enhances Safety-Related Tools Offering with TÜV Certification for the ARM Compiler

Every day around the world, billions of ARM powered devices are embedded in systems where safety is a paramount requirement.

Functional safety and the ARM Compiler

An extremely mature architecture coupled with a build toolchain proven over 25 years gives engineers around the world the confidence to deploy ARM products into a variety of safety-related sectors, including automotive, industrial control, railway, aerospace and medical.

TÜV Certified Build Tools

The ARM Compiler toolchain is certified by TÜV SÜD, a recognized safety industry expert. The TÜV Certificate andTUV-SuD.png the accompanying report confirm that the ARM Compiler 5.04 fulfils the requirements for development tools classified T3 according to IEC 61508-3. This enables customers to apply the ARM Compiler 5.04 for safety- related development up to SIL3 (IEC 61508) or ASILD (ISO 26262) without further qualification activities when following the recommendations and conditions documented in the Qualification Kit.

The ARM Compiler Qualification Kit provides vital usage instructions along with important data-driven reports that can be used as evidence for justifying toolchain selection irrespective of the safety standard targeted. Learn more about the ARM Compiler Qualification Kit »

Extended Maintenance

At ARM we understand that customers want to protect their investment once tools are qualified, so we offer an Extended Maintenance program for our certified compiler. The Extended Maintenance program lets customers take advantage of bug fixes and patches to a fixed branch of the compiler, ensuring maximum stability and providing insurance in the unlikely event that a critical compiler defect impacts your product.

Learn more about our extended maintenance and support options here »


The certified compiler and ARM Compiler Qualification Kit are available now to customers of the ARM Keil® MDK-ARM Professional Edition v5.12 and the DS-5 Development Studio Ultimate Edition v5.19 at no additional cost. Furthermore, extended maintenance is available for the certified compiler as part the standard product support and maintenance.

Get ARM Keil® MDK-ARM Professional Edition v5.12 or DS-5 Ultimate Edition

Policy-Driven Development

ARM DS-5 Development Studio is built on Eclipse, which integrates with Development Testing tools such as Parasoft® C/C++ test® and Coverity® Quality Advisor for policy-driven development processes. With code coverage and other tools to measure application quality, you can speed up your compliance process significantly when working on safety critical applications, whilst meeting quality goals.

For software development in the automotive sector, MISRA C checkers from LDRA are available as plugins to DS-5 Development Studio.