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Datalight Expands Its Comprehensive Flash Memory Support to Include SPI NOR and Freescale i.MX6 Flash Memory Controller

Datalight Inc., leading developer of flash file systems known for simplifying support for complex flash memory technologies, today announced the latest version of its market-leading FlashFX Tera product with support for SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) NOR. FlashFX Tera provides support for a wide range of NOR, SLC and MLC NAND, and sophisticated NAND controller technologies. Now system designers have access to the flexibility, wear leveling and other patented Datalight technologies on SPI NOR flash.
Often chosen by OEMs for its low pin count which simplifies hardware design for devices such as printers and ultra-thin computers, SPI NOR is complex from a software perspective and requires sophisticated drivers to ensure reliable data storage and fast access times. By using FlashFX Tera OEMs can get to market faster with a more robust solution.

The new version of FlashFX Tera also incorporates support for the NAND controller inside of the Freescale i.MX6 family of processors. On Linux, this complex work utilizes the DMA to access both MLC and SLC flash memory, resulting in a faster mount time than alternative solutions such as UBIFS.

"The growth of the Internet of Things means that more embedded devices are collecting and using data to interact in different ways with other devices," said Thom Denholm, Technical Product Manager of Datalight. “Simplifying the software components used by OEMs to ensure the reliability of that data will help them get those products to market faster. The field-proven management provided by FlashFX Tera will bring longer flash life to keep customers happier longer."

In addition to broadening the flash memory technologies supported by the product, Datalight has also expanded the operating systems supported to include Linux versions through 3.12 and Wind River VxWorks 6.9.3. Datalight has also made numerous feature improvements and updated its technical documentation.

The product is available immediately from Datalight and its worldwide network of resellers. Existing customers who have current Technical Support and Maintenance Agreements are eligible to receive this version for no additional fee by contacting Datalight.