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Datalight Releases Reliance Nitro 4.0, Boosting Power Failsafe Performance for Windows CE & Wind River VxWorks

BOTHELL, Wash. – January 6, 2015 – Today Datalight released Reliance Nitro™ 4.0, the latest version of its fault-tolerant embedded file system for Wind River VxWorks and Microsoft Embedded Compact (Windows CE) operating systems. This new version adds power failsafe write caching, enabling even better performance while maintaining the high level of data integrity demanded by market-leading OEMs.

Reliance Nitro 4.0 Adds Power Failsafe Caching Features

Unlike cache implementations in most operating systems, caching in Reliance Nitro is fully configurable by the developer, providing unparalleled flexibility to conform to the requirements of diverse use cases and environments. Caching can be enabled for read ahead and write gather independently and with various element sizes to optimize for the type of data created and used by the embedded system. Regardless of how the cache is configured, Reliance Nitro Dynamic Transaction Point technology ensures that data committed to the media is protected from loss or corruption due to power interruption or other system failure.

“Reliance Nitro users place tremendous value on data integrity because they are building devices like the International Space Station, point of sale systems and sophisticated factor controls that rely on the data being correct,” said Ken Whitaker, Datalight VP of Engineering. “With Reliance Nitro 4.0 customers can also satisfy their performance requirements.”

Performance tests run on [board/os] using a platform-independent file system testing tool, FSIO Test, showed that performance of small random writes improved from 1.5 mb/s on the native file system to nearly 4 mb/s using Reliance Nitro 4.0. Improvements were also seen in large sequential writes, with Reliance Nitro again approaching 4 mb/s compared to less than 2.5 mb/s for the native file system. 

In addition to the new cache, version 4.0 also adds improved port testing for Wind River’s VxWorks and Microsoft’s Windows Embedded Compact edition RTOS environments. This is the second release of Reliance Nitro made fully available through the Wind River Marketplace. 

Reliance Nitro was designed from the ground up for high-performance applications. Dynamic Transaction Point™ technology provides 100 percent immunity from file corruption, even after unexpected system interruption. Reliance Nitro goes through extensive reliability testing, including more than 2 million random power cycle tests without a failure. Embedded applications can benefit from faster boot times after power loss, regardless of disk size. Datalight flash file system products are available on VxWorks, Windows Embedded Compact, Windows Embedded Handheld, Linux and many other RTOS operating systems.

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