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Dediprog introduces a new programming solution at Productronica 2017

At one of the world's leading trade fair for electronics development and production- Productronica, Dediprog will release the latest programming solution for UFS & eMMC on the trade show; also, on our stand, we will demonstrate the universal type automated programming system, DP1000, and the repacking machine, DP900.

As the mobile games and high resolution multimedia applications become more and more popular, consumers expect faster performance and bigger memory; however, eMMC bounded by 8-bit parallel interface, while the scaling of the interface performance for new, demanding mobile and mobile-influenced applications is now nearing its limits. Thus, the new version of Universal Flash Storage (UFS) is intended to be a replacement for eMMC. Dediprog provides the latest programming solution for UFS. For engineering programmer- NuProg-E is a professional engineering tool that is innovated for programming mass flash storage with its speed and reliability, which is achieved by utilizing industry interface standard of interconnect layer specification, M-PHY and Unipro from MIPI® Alliance. Together with built-in SuperSpeed® USB 3.0 for high speed communication, it is an efficient tool for you to have more time to focus on application analysis and product development. For Production level- NuProg-F8 is a combination of programmer and duplicator, which is unique in the current market. Usually, the master IC should be programmed on the other programmer before duplication. However, with NuProg-F8, you will be able to program and duplicate on the same machine! 

DP1000 embeds with dual universal programmers (ProgMaster), which can extend up to 16 programming sites at once and reach the highest UPH up to 1,200. Regarding the mechanical design, it is extra lightweight compared to many other machines in the market. DP1000 not only supports any kinds of IC families, but also supports different input/output peripherals, such as tray, tube, and reel. Optional Ink Marker and AOI system are also available to integrate with DP1000.
Coping with the age of automation, Dediprog now provides a very beneficial solution for enterprises to integrate their entire source, reduce the labor cost, while improving the productivity and competitiveness! We are ready to announce the universal type auto repacking machine, DP900,  which can integrate with standard JEDEC tray, SOP tubes and support the tape & reel up to 22 inches carrier. DP900 is also able to embed with optional inspections to avoid human error. The highest UPH is up to 4500.
We sincerely invite you to join Productronica with us in Munich, Germany in this coming November. Let’s experience the brand new technology of automation age!