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Double your PC performance with much less power!

Nowadays, anticipating the ever increasing demands of data processing, your standard PC computational capabilities are often not enough. When extending the computational power of your PC using faster and more cores processors and/or graphical processor units, you typically also increase the power consumption of your PC dramatically. FPGA based acceleration platforms are a much better choice for this. The power-per-GigaFlop is orders of magnitude lower, and the accelerator implementation is much more optimized to meet the algorithm processing structure.

What happens if you combine your PC with an FPGA? We did the test!

We selected a typical Intel i7 quad-core desktop PC, and added our Miami System on Module via a Florida PCIe carrier board in a PCIe slot. A Miami SoM is based on a Xilinx Zynq 7030 System on Chip, combining a dual-core Cortex A9 with advanced FPGA logic.


Nearly doubling the acceleration performance of the i7 with an additional 50 GFLOPS at the expense of just 1/10th extra power consumption!

Depending on the test software, the performance of a typical i7 PC platform is around 75 Giga floating-point operations per second (GFLOPS). By adding the FPGA based SOM to the PC, an additional 50 GFLOPS is made available, utilizing dedicated DSP resources of the FPGA.

Why this combination?

PCI-Express in combination with the FPGA fabric offers superior data exchange bandwidth. Using Dyplo, you can manage your FPGA accelerated functions entirely using your standard PC software flow. In combination with the integrated automatic C-to-gates synthesis flow, you can create the FPGA functionality, without using dedicated programming languages such as CUDA or OpenCL, just C or C++.

A superior PC computational acceleration platform ready to use to help you accelerate your development!

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