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Logic Technology and McObject are looking for beta testers of deterministic in-memory embedded database system

Logic Technology is pleased to announce the opening of the beta test period for our newest generation of McObject’s eXtremeDB: eXtremeDB/rt.
Just as eXtremeDB was a first-of-its-kind in-memory embedded database system written explicitly for embedded systems, eXtremeDB/rt is a first-of-its-kind in-memory, deterministic, embedded database system written explicitly for hard real-time safety- and mission-critical systems.
Logic Technology is recruiting beta testers for eXtremeDB/rt on VxWorks, INTEGRITY, DeOS and FreeRTOS. Other real-time operating systems are possible (e.g. QNX, eCos) - please contact us.
While not an open source product, eXtremeDB/rt will be licensed exclusively with source code. Beta testers (or their organization) will receive a no-cost single-developer license for eXtremeDB/rt for one platform (combination of RTOS, CPU and toolchain), including the first year of annual technical support and software maintenance. A limited number of free deployment run-times will also be included.
eXtremeDB/rt implements determinism by adding a new parameter to the mco_trans_start() function: the transaction deadline. Transactions that do not commit or rollback by their deadline are automatically aborted. Transaction scheduling is different also. Whereas non-real-time eXtremeDB schedules transactions by priority, then by FIFO, eXtremeDB/rt schedules transactions by priority, then by an earliest-deadline-first (EDF) algorithm. Unlike non-real-time eXtremeDB, a running transaction can be interrupted by a higher priority transaction.
If you would like to be considered for the eXtremeDB/rt beta test program, please fill in your contact info in the form below, together with a description of your project including the combination of RTOS, CPU and toolchain. Enrollment will be limited.

Go to the enrollment form.