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How to reduce testing cost for model-based developed software

Today, the creation of software for embedded systems is often a very complex task and thus error prone. In consequence, especially the development of safety critical systems requires development using processes and activities to ensure functionality and safety of the system. For example, the V-modell applies in different variants for many safety critical domains, recommended by IEC61508 and their corresponding domain specific derivatives, such as ISO26262, IEC 62304, IEC 62061, etc.


Applying recommended activities when developing safety critical software causes substantial additional workload and thus costs. Systematic and extensive testing in multiple development phases requires time to create and execute tests. Moreover, changes of the requirements or removal of identified bugs causes additional workload, since tests have to be changed, adapted, added and re-executed.


Costs for removal of existing bugs increase drastically with advances in the development of a system. It is essential to detect software bugs as early as possible in the development process to reduce the spendings on testing while maintaining high product quality and safety standards.


With Arttest, we provide a solution to reduce the costs for software testing, enabling early tests, efficient test creation and automatization. We provide the possibility to create and execute tests as early as a model of the software (Simulink) is available. Thus, test activities can already start before code generation is possible and
hardware is available. Due to Arttests unique features, even integration tests of software components, closed-loop and fault injection tests can be performed on model level. Supporting test-driven development, test-first approaches, and automated test execution using continuous integration, Arttest enables you to benefit from the full potential of early testing.


If you are interested in Arttest, how you can save costs applying early testing or how to re-use test from the model level on software and hardware systems, get in contact!

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