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Innovative sleep apnea screening tool helps monitoring COVID-19 patients

Logic Technology and Arm-Keil sponsored a free development environment to DiagnOSAS, to support their hard work on making their platform OSAsense suitable to monitor COVID-19 patients. A much under estimated medical condition is that of sleep apnea. The Dutch company DiagnOSAS B.V. successfully developed the new research method OSAsense to more easily and cost effectively determine if someone is suffering from sleep apnea.

With obstructive sleep apneas, the tongue falls back into the throat during a sleep cycle, blocking the windpipe, and thus the stream of air into the lungs. When asleep, the brain will response to the decline of oxygen in the blood and resolve it by ‘waking’ you up in an uncontrolled way.

DiagnOSAS’ platform OSAsense consists of a Pulse Oximeter, similar to a smart watch, and a disposable sensor that measures and stores the oxygen level in the blood overnight. The data is transmitted securely to the online OSAsense platform, where the data can be analyzed by a physician who can now rapidly diagnose the results.


How OSAsense can help monitoring COVID-19 patients

When COVID-19 became a worldwide concern, the DiagnOSAS development team, a group of medical doctors, technical nurses, engineers and data analysts, quickly realized that the OSAsense platform could contribute significantly in monitoring patients who are heavily affected by the virus in a very cost effective way; as the lungs are becoming infected with the virus, the oxygen level drops and that is exactly what OSAsense measures! The patient monitoring system can be integrated with early warning and monitoring stations, allowing a timely response by nurses especially when resources are limited.

The Logic Solution with Arm-Keil development tools

Both the Pulse Oximeter and the screening software needed some level of modification to response to a slower drop in oxygen levels in line with Covid-19 symptomatic responses. Since speed of development and testing was of essence, DiagnOSAS contacted Logic Technology for another seat of the Keil Microcontroller Development Kit that could also help to speed up CE certification of the firmware. Considering the importance of this product to monitor COVID-19 patients and thus relieving nurses, Logic contacted ARM Ltd in the UK and together they decided to sponsor the DiagnOSAS initiative with a free Professional development license.

Drs. J.R. Benistant – CTO: “Our solutions will help hospitals in providing the right care to the right patients and to quickly respond to patients that are e.g. deteriorating. The Keil MDK Professional license that Logic Technology provided, was essential for quick development of (CE-certifiable) firmware for OSAsense. We expect a quick realization of our solution for verification and subsequent clinical implementation.“