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Insyde™ Software to Demonstrate New Integrated Development Environment for UEFI BIOS

April 2, 2014
H2OIDE™ Simplifies Customization and Accelerates BIOS Development Time

INTEL DEVELOPER FORUM - SHENZHEN, CHINA - APRIL 2, 2014 - Insyde Software, an Intel Capital portfolio company and leading provider of Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) BIOS today announced that it will demonstrate at the Intel Developer Forum a new integrated development environment, called H2OIDE™, that can dramatically ease the customization effort for BIOS and speed the development time for InsydeH2O™.

H2OIDE is a new integrated development environment for InsydeH2O which uses a very powerful graphical user interface. While BIOS developers are familiar with doing customization based on editing source code directly, they will now be able to take advantage of a more productive environment for doing their BIOS development for new Intel platforms.

Compared to the prior EDK-I generation of InsydeH2O, projects packages in the current EDK-II version of InsydeH2O contain 90% fewer source files and is 50% faster to compile. With H2OIDE's powerful BIOS development features combined with the optimized architecture of InsydeH2O v5, BIOS developers can reduce the time needed for customization and as a result, substantially speed up project development.

H2OIDE offers the following key features and benefits:
  • In-depth code views: enables developers to quickly understand a project’s codebase structure by seeing all packages/modules through a simplified user-interface.
  • Faster to start projects: allows developers to easily create new projects based on existing projects, leveraging settings and customizations.
  • Advanced editing and code search functions: powerful, built-in code editor and browser allows developers to easily navigate to where changes need to be made, providing context-sensitive hints.
  • Easy project/package/module creation: provides a step-by-step wizard to guide developers to quickly create and develop projects, packages and modules.
  • Simple setup of power-on settings: GUI enables BIOS developers to quickly and easily edit GPIO, SSID, flash map, option ROM and PCI routing power-on settings.

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