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Keil MDK-Middleware 6.3.0 Software Pack Update

The Keil MDK-ARM Professional Middleware 6.3.0 Software Pack contains several corrections and enhancements such as USB Device MSC media ownership control to enable file access for an embedded application while connected via USB. File System I/O retargeting is now part of the software component Compiler to provide more flexibility. Keil::MDK-Middleware 6.3.0 requires ARM::CMSIS 4.3.0 and Keil::ARM_Compiler 1.0.0.

MDK Version 5 - Middleware

MDK-5-Middleware.pngMicrocontrollers offer a wide range of interfaces to meet today's embedded design requirements. However, implementing applications that efficiently utilize these interfaces presents software developers with real challenges. Flexible and easy-to-use middleware components are essential to unleash the power of communication and interface peripherals in modern microcontrollers.

The MDK Professional Edition provides royalty-free, tightly coupled middleware components that are specifically designed for communication peripherals in microcontrollers.

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