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Live ‘Idea to GUI Prototype’ Workshop at Embedded World 2018

Experience the magic it is to see an idea come to life, at our live ‘Idea to Prototype’ workshop at Embedded World in Nürnberg this February. Our Designer, User Experience Expert, and TouchGFX Developer team up with customers at the trade fair to get their hands dirty and take an idea to the prototype stage in an intense workshop session.

The control unit of a device can make or break it. If your customers can’t figure out how it works, it does not work. That’s why we are increasingly moving towards embedded touch displays that can give customers the same smartphone touch experience that has become so innate to us. The trend is clear: in 2018, we will see even more products come out with their first embedded touch display.

How are applications for embedded touch displays developed? Where does the idea come from, and how does it become a finished product? At Embedded World 2018, you will get unique insight into this process, as we host a live workshop where we turn a rough idea into a finished clickable prototype.

Workshop Description

The workshop includes all the steps it takes to create a successful product in 2018. The ‘Idea to Prototype’ workshop team consists of a User Experience Designer, a Digital Designer, and a TouchGFX Developer.

How Does the Product Become a Success with Your Target Audience?
As we gain insight on where your idea currently is, we also form an idea of which direction we would like to take it in, in order to improve its success with customers. This idea needs to be conceptualized in order to be discussed thoroughly an maybe tested with customers before it is possible to decide if this new idea is the right way to go.

Conceptualizing the Idea

To conceptualize the new idea, we use hand drawn sketches or digital conceptual drawings (usually called wireframes) to start to visualize the early form of the idea. This usually sparks conversation and discussions as the wireframes align the team’s understanding of the concept.

From here, new ideas can form, and the direction of the concept can be adjusted to insights from you and the design professionals, creating a product that both meets the needs of your customers as well as the look and feel of the best design practices.

Creating the Visuals

As the concept takes form, the Digital Designer will start to create a visual style that captures the vision of the product as well as your company identity, in order to communicate to the world that this great product carries your brand experience.

Bringing the Product to Life

When the wireframes and visual style of the concept has taken its form, it is time for the TouchGFX Developer to bring it to life. This is done through TouchGFX’s graphical library, which enables the Developer to take the graphical components from the Designer and create an interactive prototype on embedded hardware.

Try it Out – The Prototype is Ready

This is when your new concept is ready to see the light of day. It gives you a window into a future where your product could be the very best solution to both solve the needs of your customers and carry the identity of your company and brand.

From here, it is up to you if you want to take the concept back to your management and pitch the idea and unfold the concept pitch to a full product.

Find us at Embedded World 2018

This TouchGFX workshop is located at Logic’s stand at Hall 4 stand 544 and will be available throughout all 3 days of the Embedded World. You can also get in touch with one of our TouchGFX experts at the stand.

We’re looking forward to see you!

Video from a Similar Workshop in 2014



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