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Logic Technology enriches GUI development with Crank Storyboard Suite

Panningen - November 29, 2018 – Today Logic Technology announces his partnership with Crank Software. Crank Software is an established innovator in embedded user interface solutions and their best-in-class Crank Storyboard Suite fits perfectly in Logic Technology’s range of embedded software solutions. With Storyboard Suite, Logic is another step closer in its mission to empower the swift optimization of embedded product development. Logic Technology is going to establish Crank Storyboard Suite as the quality standard embedded UI development tool in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg and Germany.
“Nowadays, when an embedded product is equipped with a Touch screen, its users expect the same slick design and responsiveness they are familiar with from their smart phone devices. For embedded software engineers, this poses new challenges for the implementation of highly graphical user interfaces of which the design is mostly mandated by product management. Crank Storyboard Designer enables Product Managers and user interface designers to easily prototype the look and feel of a product without any knowledge of programming, and then move the UI prototype directly to the embedded target so the software engineer only needs to take care of the deployment. It’s simple: Crank Software’s approach to UI design significantly speeds up our customer’s product development cycle.” – Gilbert Gadet, Managing Director, Logic Technology B.V.
Crank software is pleased to find an established partner in Logic Technology with over 25 years of experience in embedded solutions.
“Logic Technology offers a wide range of embedded hardware and services, and we believe that Crank Software is a natural fit in their ecosystem given our focus on delivering GUI development software that scales platforms and markets. Logic has deep knowledge and experience in the embedded industry, which will enable them to deliver best-in-class solutions with Crank Storyboard Suite.” - Jason Clarke, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Crank Software.


About Crank Software

Crank Software is an innovator in embedded user interface (UI) solutions, reducing the time, costs, and frustrations that notoriously come hand-in-hand with UI development by letting designers and engineers work side-by-side. Driven by increased demand for more engaging user experiences, Storyboard Suite allows development teams to deliver rich, animated UIs from resource-constrained to high performance platforms. Teams develop, prototype, and iterate the UI until it’s perfect – both in function and in design – and then deploy the UI for the final product. With a shorter development time and a collaborative workflow, products get to market faster with a higher ROI and a remarkable UI that builds brand loyalty.

About Logic Technology

Founded in 1993, headquartered in Panningen The Netherlands, Logic Technology has become a leader in Europe's embedded market. Our unique combination of high-quality products, support and consultancy services is most appreciated by embedded developers.  It's this All-Inclusive concept that enables developers to focus on their own key tasks; The creation of great products!
Logic Technology’s product offering includes Code Quality Measurement solutions, such as static code analysis, test automation and MISRA®-C Checkers. Logic’s Boards & Solutions specialists offer solutions such as boundary scan, computer modules and board supplies. In the field of Development Tools Logic offers a variety of ARM® & Intel® Tools, debuggers and IDE solutions. When it concerns Software Components Logic Technology has specialists in flash device managers, reliable file systems and UEFI BIOS & bootloaders in house. These time saving products are complemented by a strong focus on technical support, (in depth) Technology Courses, Training and Consultancy Services. www.logic.nl