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MDK Version 5 - Data Logger with USB Interface

The USB Data Logger application template implements a composite USB Device with HID and MSC that records data on a memory card. An Infineon XMC4500 Relax Kit is used but CMSIS-Driver allow easy hardware retargeting. 

The USB Data Logger template application shows how to record analog and digital data on an attached MicroSD card. To read the data on a PC, the application implements a composite USB device supporting the Human Interface Device (HID) and Mass Storage Class (MSC). The HID class enables the application to be controlled via a PC based application to start and stopp the recording of the data. These middleware components are used:
  • USB for communication with the PC
  • File System for data storage on the MicroSD card

For the USB communication with the PC, a USB CMSIS-Driver is required, whereas the MicroSD card is connected to the application via an SPI CMSIS-Driver.


More information about the USB Data Logger.