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New UFS/eMMC Solutions: Fully Support UFS chips from Toshiba, Samsung, and Hynix

Other than eMMC, which has been widely used in the storage application, the demand of UFS (Universal Flash Storage) is increasing gradually, and UFS has been adopted in various applications. Therefore, DediProg has developed programmers for UFS and eMMC. We are offering three kinds of UFS/eMMC programming solutions, which can fully support the UFS chips from Toshiba, Samsung, and Hynix.


Nuprog-E is a single port UFS/eMMC engineering programmer. With its high speed and reliability, it will definitely benefit your product development. 


NuProg-F8, UFS/eMMC Gang Programmer and Duplicator, comes with 1 master port and 8 slave ports. Differ from the duplicator in the current market, which only offers the duplication feature, NuProg-F8 also provides extra site for programming the master IC! Since it is a combination of programming and duplication, it helps simplify the manual production, enhances reliability and increases efficiency.  


DP3500, eMMC/UFS Automated Programming and Duplication System, is designed for mass production. This system features intelligent pick and place, AOI, and able to embed up to 48 programming sites (expandable to 96 sites in the future). Furthermore, it can support a variety of IC families by configuring different gang programmers, such as NuProg-S8 (UFS/eMMC) and/or ProgMaster-S8 (Universal Programmer).

For more information about these new UFS/eMMC solutions, please contact us.