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New Wi-Fi / Bluetooth M.2 Modules

Our M.2 modules, co-developed by Embedded Artists and Murata, have been released

If you are looking for a flexible and reliable Wi-Fi / Bluetooth solution for your product our M.2 modules could be a perfect alternative. We have a family of M.2 modules; all based on Murata connectivity modules, which in turn are based on different Cypress chipsets.

Our M.2 modules, co-developed by Embedded Artists and Murata, are designed for evaluation, integration and ease-of-use:
  • You lower your risk and cost by using our professionally designed and proven M.2 modules!
  • You can easily evaluate different Wi-Fi/BT solutions – by just switching M.2 module!
  • You can focus on your core application and shorten your time to market!

You get started immediately with these development packages:
  • M.2 modules and i.MX 6/7/8 using our iMX Developer’s Kits V2
  • M.2 modules and i.MX RT using our iMX RT1062 Developer’s Kit

Learn more about our M2 Modules

For more information about our M.2 Primer Package and integration guide, please contact us.