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OneBreath: Advancing Health Care with TouchGFX

OneBreath is an international medical device company with a mission to advance healthcare in emerging countries. The company aims to deliver high precision, high reliability mechanical ventilation at an affordable cost. In their development of a ventilator intended for use in ICUs, emergency rooms, and ambulances, we teamed up with OneBreath and their development partner, Nuvation, to help create their touch-based UI application.

Less is More

In late 2014, OneBreath began developing their ventilator together with American engineering company Nuvation.

OneBreath’s ventilator provides continuous respiratory support for infant through adult patients. As their mission is to advance healthcare in emerging countries, it was crucial that their ventilator had a simple and easy-to-use navigation pane with low resource requirements.

Nuvation was searching for a flexible software framework that could run smoothly on low complexity hardware, when they fell across one of our TouchGFX videos. Senior Design Engineer, Murat Ozkan, instantly became intrigued, as TouchGFX enabled a fully customizable look and feel with few resources needed:

"TouchGFX allowed us to design a fully custom look and feel for our UI that would allow us to rely on the skills of a graphic designer and not a programmer to achieve the highest quality aesthetics. It afforded the most flexibility on low resource hardware and the licensing cost was reasonable." – Murat Ozkan, Senior Design Engineer, Nuvation Engineering

For the ventilator’s UI, OneBreath had chosen NXP’s LPC 4357 with a Cortex M4 and M0 dual core. The two-chip solution enabled the creation of a solid and secure product.

Collaboration Across Continents: One Team, One Goal

Convinced that TouchGFX could bring their ventilator outstanding graphics and smooth animations with minimal resource and power consumption, OneBreath contacted us about the offer to collaborate on the project’s UI – we happily accepted.

“Collaboration with the TouchGFX team was very important to us. Having a team onboard that knew everything about the software, made the development process much more efficient. Everything from implementing graphics to auto scaling was done much faster, and we were able to concentrate fully on the medical and technical aspects of developing the ventilator.” – Matthew Callaghan, OneBreath

All the graphics work for the ventilator project was done by a graphic designer in-house at OneBreath in California and sent to our team in Denmark, who created a touch based and simple UI with high-end graphics that were easy to understand and navigate.

"Being a part of developing a product like OneBreath’s is really exciting. It will undoubtedly be an invaluable asset for many people around the world that don’t have access to affordable, high precision mechanical ventilation." – Martin Kjeldsen, Software Developer, Draupner Graphics

Even though our teams were working from separate continents, we managed to establish a solid foundation between OneBreath, Nuvation, and our TouchGFX team:

"We were not hesitant with entering into a collaboration with the TouchGFX team, as we were used to working in teams across continents. Working with the TouchGFX was the right choice for us and it has optimized our development process and helped bring an amazing end-product to market." – Matthew Callaghan, OneBreath

The development of OneBreath’s ventilator is in its final stages, and will be wrapped up for release at the end of 2016!

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Product name : Onebreath
Function:          Ventilator
Hardware:        NXP LPC 4357
Display:           10" 800 x 600,
                       Resisitive touch