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Reliance Edge File System Pre-Ported to ARM mbed OS

Power Failsafe File System Brings Improved Data Integrity for IoT Designs without Sacrificing Performance

BOTHELL, Wash., – September 28, 2016 – Datalight Inc., the leading developer of file systems and flash memory drivers for the Industrial Internet of Things, announced today that its Reliance EdgeTM power failsafe file system is now available pre-ported to ARM® mbed™.

ARM mbed OS helps developers rapidly build devices for the Internet of Things. Increasingly, IoT devices are capturing, processing, storing and transmitting larger amounts of data. Often, IoT devices rely on this data to operate autonomously, making it essential to keep it safe from corruption.

Datalight’s Reliance Edge™ is the only file system that offers the power failsafe reliability and deterministic behavior required by today’s autonomous systems. The transactional architecture upon which it is built ensures that live data is never overwritten, providing rock-solid data reliability and maintaining complete metadata and file data integrity.

Ultra-compact and configurable, Reliance Edge works with any block device storage media in systems using virtually any ARM-based processor. It also works with a broad array of storage media, including eMMC, SD/MMC, NVRAM, USB mass storage, and SATA (or PATA) disks.

“Datalight is proud to make the Reliance Edge file system available for developers who choose ARM mbed,” said Technical Product Manager Thom Denholm. “The power failsafe data reliability it provides ensures that innovative IoT products can keep working flawlessly in all kinds of environments.”

Reliance Edge for mbed is available now directly from Logic Technology