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Reliance Nitro 3.2.4 for Linux / Android

New Feature: Mount option added to enable previous file append behavior
Reliance Nitro v3.2.5 provides a new mount option to emulate the behavior of previous versions when extending a file.

In versions prior to 3.2 extending a file resulted in both the file contents and metadata being written to the media at the same time. For performance reasons and to conform to behavior of other Linux file systems, version 3.2 and later allow the file data to remain in the cache until the Kernel decides to flush. If an unexpected shutdown occurred before the next flush, the file will be sparse and may return zeros instead of the expected file data.

For applications that were designed for, and depend on, the original behavior of Reliance Nitro the new mount option restores the previous atomic behavior.

How do I know if I should upgrade?

This change only affects OEM environments whose applications were designed to rely on the behavior of Reliance Nitro prior to v3.2.

New Feature: J-block hardening

In very rare instances (<1 in 10,000,000) Datalight has seen disk images that exhibit j-blocks with valid CRCs but incorrect contents. The most likely cause is something stomping on data in memory. Reliance Nitro 3.2.5 introduces an additional check to validate j-blocks.

How do I know if I should upgrade?

The risk of encountering the j-block issue has been deemed to be extremely low. If you are upgrading other system software and project timelines allow you may want to upgrade.

Upgrade eligibility

If you have a current technical support agreement with Datalight, the updated version with this feature can be provided as part of your agreement.