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Sage EDK 3.1 sharpens IDE views into x86 platforms

LONGMONT, Colo. — Improving on its unparalleled x86 Integrated Development Environment, Sage Electronic Engineering, LLC has announced the updated 3.1 release of Sage EDK is now available to all customers.

“Sage developed our Embedded Development Kit through years of improvement in our own firmware-centric tools for x86 platform development,” said Scott Hoot, president of the Longmont, Colo., company. “No other commercially available IDEs currently support this type of development.”

The Sage EDK is based on the latest generation of Eclipse, Kepler, and comes packaged with an inclusive toolchain required for integrated development, including everything required to develop, cross-compile and download to a target system. This IDE enables embedded firmware development in a graphical interface significantly more productive in comparison to non-integrated assortments of editors and compiler scripts commonly used by many firmware engineers.

Sage’s 3.1 release includes an integrated kconfig feature making configuring designs appreciably easier and faster. The inclusion of static code analysis for early detection of coding issues leads to higher-quality code and faster development by detecting common coding problems. Improvements in the debug features make viewing information for and controlling multiple Sage SmartProbe® debug devices better than ever, especially if the probes are located in a server room.

Sage EDK software-development tools enable:
  • Delivery of all target information in one list and support of multicore debugging, giving developers greater control and visibility into multicore systems.
  • Seamless multicore debugging for system firmware and bootloaders, including SageBIOS™, a Sage solution based on coreboot®.
  • Monitoring the execution process on every core in the system simultaneously in a unified debug interface.
  • Manipulation of individual cores for focus on a single execution thread or all cores simultaneously for greater automation.
  • Compatibility with most commonly used toolchains.
  • A full system view of the design under development when combined with the SmartProbe® embedded-development JTAG tool.

A free 30-day trial is available at Logic Technology. Please contact us with your request.