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SmartProbe® 3.1 release supports AMD’s Kaveri and Mullins platforms

LONGMONT, Colo. – Sage Electronic Engineering has released the 3.1 update of the SmartProbe®, in conjunction with an update of the Sage Embedded Development Kit, offering unprecedented insight into embedded development on ADM platforms. These high-performance tools result in quicker time to market and allow software engineers to evaluate the system under development at every stage in the design cycle.

The Sage SmartProbe® provides the developer a comprehensive hardware interface for controlling the system under development with zero system overhead. This hardware interface works well in standalone environments, such as GDB, but provides maximum benefit when used in conjunction with the Sage EDK. The SmartProbe® supports both an Ethernet and a USB port, providing development engineers with the flexibility they need for debugging their target platform from either a Linux or Windows operating system.

The SmartProbe has been updated to support AMD’s Kaveri and Mullins families of platforms. The update also has improvements to better determine memory configuration, as well as identification of a debug-locked processor.