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TOPIC embedded product Dyplo patent granted!

Dyplo is as of 23rd February 2015 a patented solution. This is the first ever patent granted to Topic. Rieny Rijnen, founder of Topic and CEO is well proud of this achievement: “This is the first important step for Topic in a roadmap vision we are working towards. By having proven the uniqueness of Dyplo, we differentiate ourselves as a highly innovative company always aiming to accelerate our customers developments. I am furthermore very proud of the inventors of the patent: Dirk van den Heuvel and René Zenden.”

Dyplo, abbreviation for Dynamic Process Loader, is a unique embedded solution bridging the gap between PCs, processors and FPGAs, see more on Dyplo.nl. Dyplo enables runtime reprogramming of FPGA fabric. Good news for the software world as they can now simply extend their threads to the powerful, low energy FPGA acceleration platform from within their own workspace.

Topic Embedded Products is part of the Topic Group. They have a full range of embedded acceleration solutions, aiming the highest quality in both software and hardware. Their products are combinable and compatible. Topic Products is Premier Partner of Xilinx, one of only 12 companies worldwide.

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