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Test Your Ideas with a UI Prototype

Prototyping is a great way to test the look and feel of your project. It also provides you with a proof-of-concept that clearly demonstrates the quality of graphics and animations TouchGFX enables.

With a TouchGFX prototype, we help move your concept quickly to the next stage with a TouchGFX based prototype application that impresses your customers and persuade decision makers.


"The process of getting from our UI design files to a working demo on our preferred hardware was very smooth. The TouchGFX team’s expertise was absolutely integral to this and allowed us to meet our schedule."– Gordon McKie, CEO, Cashmaster

The Benefits of a Prototype

A prototype is a great opportunity to test different ideas you have for your product. First and foremost, it will help identify how a user will interact with your product before release. It also gives you pointers towards the pitfalls of your application that need to be eliminated. By optimizing and adjusting your GUI at this stage, your developers can focus on completing the GUI without the worry of having to make changes.

Here’s What We Offer

Our team knows the framework inside out. They therefore understand how to match your hardware’s capabilities in the best possible way. 

In just two weeks’ time, you get your demo application running on PC and available on TouchGFX supported display modules or your target hardware with pre-ported TouchGFX.

We also provide you with the application code, which giving you a great base to build your final application from.

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