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The Importance of Integrating User Experience into your GUI Development

Embedded technology is rapidly evolving and so are user demands. Today, it is almost expected that companies offer products that share the look, feel, and functionality of smart devices. It is almost a standard. Because of this, companies will need to raise the bar in the future to offer products that appeal to their users. This means including the latest tech trends that make products more advanced and valuable while still being easy to use.

To achieve such innovative user-friendly products, we find it essential to include user experience designers in the development process. Lucky for us, we are able to do just that.

We are located alongside our sister company, Mjølner Informatics and together we form the Mjølner Group. Being in close collaboration with Mjølner makes it possible for us to offer product design teams that consist of designers, UX’ers, and developers. This way, our teams are used to mixing skills and move collectively from idea to digital product.

The role of user experience designers in the development process have become more prominent, as product development need to go further than visual thinking.

"For a product to be successful, it is essential not only to focus on the visual design. You also need to focus on user experience, as it ensures that business goals align with customer expectations. You need to create an application that aligns with the company’s entire eco system. By analyzing touchpoints that affect the overall experience of a product, you can create great user-centric experiences that stretch beyond the expected."– Kasper Mathias Svendsen, UX Consultant, Mjølner Informatics.

Enhance User Experience with New Tech Trends

More and more companies have started to include newer tech trends and features in their applications. TouchGFX makes it easy for development teams to include new features that enhance user experience without compromising graphic quality:

Accommodate More Users with Video:
Companies have started to turn their eyes towards video to improve user experience. Combining video and text gives your users new possibilities while enhancing interaction.

TouchGFX makes it possible to play video – whether it is helpful instructions for your users or safety critical camera surveillance, TouchGFX will keep your videos running smoothly on Cortex-M microcontrollers.

IoT-enable Your Device:
In our IoT post from January, we talked about how IoT devices have been equipped with a lot of new functionality. Because of this, it is now even more important for devices to have intuitive UIs in order to create user-friendly solutions. TouchGFX is a great tool for creating just that.

TouchGFX lets you create advanced GUIs with high-end graphics on advanced battery driven devices. Such devices interact seamlessly with e.g. mobile clients, cloud services, or even other devices to deliver innovative new services and applications to consumers.

Need Help Developing Just the Right Product for Your Users?

Our development team boasts over ten years of successful operation. With our UI Concept Package and our UI Prototype Package, we take your from idea to prototype, fast and easy.

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