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TouchGFX 4.7.0

TouchGFX is all about utilizing resources to the max while giving you freedom to create anything. TouchGFX 4.7.0 makes it easier for you to do just that! Optimized performance and brand new features help you create innovative and unique products with a high-end look and feel.

Avoid external RAM

With our optimized single frame buffer implementation, it is no longer necessary to use double-buffering to avoid tearing effects on TFT controller based platforms. This is applicable to platforms where a single frame buffer can fit in internal SRAM of the MCU (e.g. STM32F429,STM32F746) with a display resolution up to 480×272. Combined with the low overall footprint of TouchGFX, an external SDRAM can be avoided leading to a sigficant reduction in BOM cost and power consumption.

Complete Source Code for Widgets and Containers

In 4.7.0, all widgets and containers come in full source code. On the basis of the provided widgets and containers, you can easily create anything and build up your own unique widget library.
The TouchGFX distribution is also a great source of inspiration, so dig in and get creative!

Skinning of the PC simulator

The TouchGFX simulator can now easily be skinned to make it look like your final product. This will especially add great value to your development process when you use the simulator for product design reviews, user tests etc. Read more here.

New Text Features

To make it easier to deal with text received at runtime (e.g. in IoT devices) we have added some useful features:
  • ​TextArea widgets can now word-wrap lines automatically
  • You can now specify a “fallback character” to display when an unknown character is encountered
  • It is now much easier to specify ranges of characters to always include in a certain typography

Canvas Widget Speed-Up

Our canvas widget system and the associated painter classes have been reworked to provide a significant performance boost compared to 4.6.1

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