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TouchGFX UI support for Renesas Synergy S7

TouchGFX UI applications fit perfectly with Renesas’ Synergy ARM Cortex-M microcontrollers. As a result, we are increasing our engagement with Renesas. With Europe as our starting point, Renesas Synergy and TouchGFX is now moving into the global market.

TouchGFX representation around the globe will gradually team up with local Renesas offices to provide sales and support for the Synergy+TouchGFX solution.

Board support packages and demo applications in full source code are now available for:
  • Starter Kit SK-S7G2
  • PE-HMI1

Add Support for PE-HMI1 and SK-S7G2

It is easy to add support in TouchGFX 4.8.0 for the PE-HMI1 and S7G2. Just follow the instructions below.
This package includes a full board support package, project files, and source code for 2 demos.
  • Download the full board support package (HAL, demo-projects, and project templates in source files) here.
  • *Note: The package includes support for e2 studio and IAR projects

Follow the instructions in the included “TouchGFX Renesas Board Support Package – Installation V2.0.pdf”. This adds support for the board and enables you to create and run your TouchGFX application from TouchGFX Designer with just one click.

To request and download the TouchGFX evaluation version, click here.

Upcoming Renesas Support:

  • Synergy S5 (Cortex M4 120MHz)
  • RZ/A (Cortex A9) are lined up to be added to TouchGFX supported hardware.

For more information about TouchGFX support for Renesas, please contact us.