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TouchGFX at EW2017: Watch This!

Meet the TouchGFX team and see their latest tools and lots of innovative embedded TouchGFX applications on a number of high performance microcontrollers:
  • TouchGFX Designer: Drag, Drop, Create
  • Wearables: Settle for Nothing Less Than High-End
  • STM32H7x3 and TouchGFX Bring UIs on MCUs to the Next Level
  • And much more…

TouchGFX Designer: Drag, Drop, Create

Take the newly released “WYSIWYG” GUI builder, TouchGFX Designer, for a spin and discover how easy it is to create state-of-the-art solutions with great performance, fast and easy!

Wearables: Settle for Nothing Less Than High-End

Try out one of the latest TouchGFX smart watch demos running on the Low Power MCUs, such as STM32L496 and MT2523.
Stop by and learn how you can create solid high-end smart watches that boost and track your users’ activities with style and ease.  

STM32H7x3  and TouchGFX Bring UIs on MCUs to the Next Level

ST’s newest STM32 family member, the STM32H7x3, comes with the highest MCU performance while running at 400 MHz.
TouchGFX takes full advantage of the extended resources available and brings UI performance on microcontroller to the next level. Effects like blurring, zooming, and video are now realized even better and on higher resolutions displays. .

These TouchGFX Demos are Worth a Try

TouchGFX will also showcase a number of other innovative demos running on different microcontrollers from close partners. Don’t miss your chance to try them out:
  • Renesas S7 Starter kit and PE-HMI1 kit
  • NXP LPC 546xx developer kit
  • NXP i.MX6 UL Embedded Artist kit running Linux

More to Come

These are just some of the TouchGFX demos you get to experience at Embedded World and luckily there is more to come. Stay tuned for more information or visit TouchGFX.com to learn more…

Schedule an appointment

You can pre-schedule your appointment with the TouchGFX team for a dedicated demonstration or meeting at booth 4.544 by sending an appointment request to Logic Technology.