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Updated Keil Device Family Packs for Atmel, NXP, and ST

For MDK Version 5 additional software components and support for microcontroller devices is provided by Software Packs. DFP (Device Family Pack) indicates that a Software Pack contains support for microcontroller devices. The Software Packs have been updated with latest software and device support.
  • Keil.SAM-ESV7_SFP.2.3.2 Software for Atmel SAM E/S/V7 series
  • Keil.SAM-V_DFP.2.3.1 for Atmel SAM E/S/V7 series
  • Keil.iMX6_DFP 1.1.1 for NXP i.MX6 series
  • Keil.iMX7D_DFP 1.4.1 for NXP i.MX7D series
  • Keil.Kinetis_Kexx_DFP 1.6.0 for NXP Kinetis E series
  • Keil.LPC54000_DFP 2.2.0 for NXP LPC54000 series
  • Keil.STBlueNRG-1_DFP 1.2.0 for STMicroelectronics Bluetooth BlueNRG series
  • Keil.STM32F4xx_DFP 2.11.0 for STMicroelectronics STM32F4 series
  • Keil.STM32F7xx_DFP 2.8.0 for STMicroelectronics STM32F7 series
  • Keil.STM32L4xx_DFP 1.3.0 for STMicroelectronics STM32L4 series

The following complete list shows the Software Packs that are available from ARM®/Keil™.