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Webinar: The practicalities of MISRA compliance

On March 19 our supplier LDRA offers a webinar which will discuss several key points raised by the MISRA compliance document. 

There are many static analysis tools available to assess code compliance with MISRA guidelines. But the identification and rectification of violations flagged by a tool represents only one part of the compliance process. Step back from the analysis of violations and the need to address bigger questions about the process as a whole becomes obvious.
MISRA’s compliance document has always been invaluable in understanding how the information highlighted by the static analysis tool of choice relates to that bigger picture. But the release of MISRA Compliance:2020 and MISRA C:2012 Amendment 2 has placed the former more firmly at the centre of things, because the guidance offered by MISRA Compliance is now obligatory if compliance with MISRA C:2012 is to be claimed.  

This webinar will discuss several key points raised by the MISRA compliance document. It will reflect on the necessity of a “do it right” mindset even before the detailed demands of the language subsets are considered. It will discuss the principles and mechanism surrounding MISRA C deviations, and how they prevent the unscrupulous from implementing deviations for mere convenience. And it will conclude that MISRA principles really can apply to almost any critical system.


Choose one of two live 45 minute webinar sessions:
9.00 am London
10.00 am Amsterdam
2.30 pm Mumbai
5.00 pm London
10.00 am San Francisco
  1.00 pm New York

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