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Keil MDK-ARM Version 5.10 Product Update

The MDK-ARM Version 5.10 product update replaces components of your current Tool Set with the latest versions.

The new Getting Started Guide for MDK-ARM v5 is available for download now.

  • [µVision]
    • This MDK contains µVision V5.10.0.2.
    • This MDK contains Pack Installer V1.1. It features a new searchable right hand column, listing all supported Boards and Devices. Based on the selection available Software Packs and Examples are listed in the left hand column.

  • [Target Debugging]
    • Updated: Segger J-Link driver for ARM devices to version 4.80g.
    • Updated: STMicroelectronics ST-Link driver for STMicroelectronics devices to version USB Drivers in ARM\STLink\USBDriver
    • Updated: P&E Micro driver for Freescale Kinetis devices to version