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What's new in Keil-MDK v5.30

Keil MDK is the most comprehensive software development solution for Arm-based microcontrollers and includes all components that you need to create, build, and debug embedded applications.
MDK Version 5.30 introduces support for Arm Cortex-M55 and CMSIS-Build, a continuous integration (CI) work flow for projects based on software components supplied in CMSIS-Pack format. It contains Arm Compiler 6.14, CMSIS 5.7.0, and MDK-Middleware 7.11.1.

New: Arm Compiler 6.14

Added support for Arm Cortex-M55 and performance improvements of compiler workloads for DSP and ML applications.

Updated: Software Packs

MDK v5.30 is shipped with the following software packs:

New: MDK-Middleware 7.11.1

The following changes have been made:

File System Component
  • minor optimizations and fixes in fdefrag (EFS only) 

Network Component
  • added support for multiple LAN interfaces (Ethernet, WiFi) that can be used simultaneously
  • reworked network system viewer in debugger, added status view for multiple network interfaces

USB Component
  • USB Host: Added abort functionality to CDC ACM transfers

Graphics Component
  • Updated: Graphic library V6.10h (libraries built with GUI_USE_ARGB = 0, GUI_SUPPORT_BIDI = 0)

New/Improved: µVision

  • Added M-Profile Vector Extension window:
  • Arm Compiler 6 is now the default compiler for all Arm Cortex-M based devices when starting a new project. For Armv6-M and Arvm7-M devices, Arm Compiler 5 can be selected.
  • MDK-Essential and MDK-Lite additionally support secure and non-secure programming for Armv8-M.
  • Introduced support for CPRJ and layers for continuous integration (CI) workflows using CMSIS-Build.
  • Improved FreeRTOS debugging: thread collection and stack unwinding.
  • Added support for the unprivileged debug extension (UDE)
  • Event Statistics: fixed a bug in thread events timing
  • Code Coverage now available with FVP simulation models

Updates: Debug drivers and models

Various new features and updates are available for ULINK and CMSIS-DAP debug adapters. Fixed Virtual Platforms (Fast Models) have been updated to version 11.10.22.

For third-party debug adapters, the following updates are available:
  • Segger J-Link debug drivers 6.70e
  • Nuvoton NULink debug drivers v3.02.6990

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