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XJFlash Ultra-fast Flash programming

XJFlash is an advanced and innovative method for In-System Programming (ISP) of flash devices through JTAG.

Using XJFlash you can achieve flash programming speeds up to 50 times faster than those possible using conventional boundary scan techniques.

  • High-speed Flash programming
  • Fast Firmware upgrade

Custom Solutions – Automatically Generated

XJFlash allows you to automatically generate customised programming solutions for the flash devices connected to FPGAs on your board.

The functional capabilities of the FPGA are harnessed to provide the fastest possible programming speeds. XJFlash automatically generates a custom design for each FPGA/flash combination, allowing you to achieve the best programming times, whilst not requiring you to do any FPGA development.*

Whether you are using SPI, QSPI or parallel NOR flash connected to an FPGA from Altera, Xilinx, Microsemi or Lattice – XJFlash will provide you with a programming solution optimised for your board.

*A licensed version of the relevant FPGA manufacturer’s tools will be required during the configuration of XJFlash.

Test Integration

XJFlash is fully compatible with the rest of the XJTAG development system. All XJFlash programming can be run as part of an XJRunner boundary scan test project.

Configurable Flash Programming

It doesn’t matter whether you need to program a single flash device, or multiple devices that are connected in series, to expand the address space, or in parallel, to make a wider data bus, you can use XJFlash to speed up your programming operations.

Custom development

XJFlash can also be used for standalone programming requirements including direct access to I²C and SPI busses or custom protocols such as Microchips ICSP.

The required connections do not need to come from an FPGA on the target board. Providing the protocol signals are available on a header on that board, it should be possible to use XJFlash to achieve fast programming as part of an XJTAG solution.

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