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Y-Circ® P Product Portfolio Extension

Munich, September 2014 – After the successful launch of the Y-Circ® P product family the first extension and updates are available.

Print Contacts for all Wall-mounted Sockets

Print contacts are now available for wall-mounted sockets. They allow a PCB mounting with through-hole soldering for a safe fixation. The PCB drilling patterns are available in the PDF update of the Y-Circ P catalogue


New Connector Types available

For backward mounting of wall mounted sockets now also the connector type “WC” is available. The fixation is done by two nuts and can therefore overcome distance differences between PCB and housing.

The new “WB” and “WR” connector types offer the possibilities of a wall feed-through connector with collet system at the end. The fixation in the housing can be done with two nuts. These types can be ordered with or without bent relief in different colors.

Yamaichi Electronics on Traceparts

From mid-September onwards Yamaichi Electronics is also available on Traceparts with its 3D models of the Y-Circ P series. On Traceparts the 3D models of the dedicated connector types can be downloaded for free. This helps to determine the correct part number and to get 3D files into your development system.

About Yamaichi Electronics

Yamaichi Electronics is a market leader for Test & Burn-In sockets, connectors and connection systems. Their reliability and functional dependability are absolutely essential for the success of the overall project. Yamaichi Electronics established themselves on the world market very quickly as a manufacturer of high-quality, reliable components for demanding applications in various markets and applications: semiconductor, automotive, medical, telecom/datacom, industrial automation, mobile computing, smart phones, GPS systems, and many more.