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Yamaichi's Industrial Display Port Connectors

Munich, January 2016 - The Display Port interface is the next consistent development of connectors that permit higher transmission rates for devices like high-resolution displays. In the consumer market segment, this interface has already become established as standard for the loss-free transmission of high-resolution video and sound. Its primary application is to connect screens and televisions to computers, DVD players and similar devices.
Yamaichi Electronics is going a step further, and also sees the Display Port connector as a coming industrial solution for the transmission of information between machines and control monitors or to send high-resolution images from inspection or camera systems to higher-level reporting systems.
The combination of Display Port interface and industrial applications naturally also requires a suitable cable with higher requirements for materials, bending cycles, and lifetime. To meet these requirements, Yamaichi Electronics offers a Display Port cable assembly as an industrial solution with an appropriate industrial-strength cable.
Its application focus will be moving applications such as pivoting monitors or cameras on production equipment. Due to its reliable data transmission up to cable lengths of 15m, data from different systems can be transmitted to a central point.
The interlock also scores points with hooks that engage in the housing of the Display Port connector, preventing the data connection from coming loose when moved.

Excerpt from the technical data of the cable:

  • 5 pairs AWG 28 + 5 individual AWG 28 strands
  • PUR cable jacket
  • 85% shielding coverage
  • Outer diameter 7.3mm
  • Designed for > 50,000 bending cycles
  • Temperature range -25°C to +80°C

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Display Port Connector