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Your favorite ARM development tool – now on Linux

Atollic today released TrueSTUDIO 8.0.0, a stable version running on Linux host PCs. Atollic is a well-known company, its product TrueSTUDIO has during its eight years in the market established a position as one of the top 3 most commonly used development tools for ARM Cortex-M development. TrueSTUDIO stands out in the top 3 list by embracing open standards, by using a flexible business model and by now also being available on Linux host OS.

Standing out among the new features are:

  • A new GCC ARM toolchain based on version 6.3.1, built and tested by Atollic assuring highest quality.
  • An IAR EWARM project import converter, provides EWARM user a simplified migration path to the new standard in ARM development - Atollic TrueSTUDIO
  • The kernel-aware debugger has been extended to also provide thread-awareness for FreeRTOS and SEGGER embOS

Visualisation of each tasks stack


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