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eCall – SIM Card Readers from Yamaichi Electronics help save Lives

Munich, April 2014 – Yamaichi Electronics offers different SIM card readers for the "eCall" emergency call function.
To continue to improve safety in vehicles, the EU has defined a new standard for the eCall (emergency call) function that will be mandatory by 2015 in all vehicles approved in the EU.

In case of an accident, the eCall system automatically contacts "112" to establish a call, and in parallel a minimum data packet is transmitted to an emergency call centre with the coordinates of the accident, vehicle type, and so on. This ensures quick, reliable rescue requests.

A basic component of the eCall system is the SIM card.

The development and manufacture of SIM card readers is part of the core business of Yamaichi Electronics. To date, nearly 100 million card readers have been delivered for a wide variety of applications.

In the past few years, the portion of card readers provided to the automobile sector has grown continuously. Refined design, high product quality and reliable, highly automated production processes support this success, even in this specific market.

Yamaichi offers a selection of suitable SIM card readers. The following card readers represent an ideal solution for eCall applications with tough automotive requirements:

FMS006-2310-0  SIM push/lock 6-pin

This 6-pin SIM card reader satisfies the GSM11.11 mobile phone standard. It has a push/lock mechanism, that is, the card is inserted and automatically locked (hard lock). A switch must be pushed to unlock the card.

FMS006-2610-0  SIM push/push 6-pin

This type is especially attractive due to its robust design. The metal housing ensures ideal EMI shielding. The push/push function makes it simple to insert and remove cards. A switch also confirms the realiable presence of the card.
The FMS006-2610-0 also meets the requirements of GSM11.11.

FMS008-6001-0  SIM push/push 8-pin

This version was developed for SIM cards with 8 contact pads. It has a metal housing and a push/push mechanism for convenient removal of cards.

FUS006-8500-0  micro-SIM

The FUS series was specially developed for MICRO-SIM cards. With an installation height of only 1.35mm, this reader can meet the smallest of space requirements. The card is removed with a small lever that pushes forward after the card is pulled, making this reader a so-called pull-lever type. Here, too, the metal housing ensures reliable shielding.

All articles in the selection are already being used in mass production in the automotive sector and can therefore provide high quality with a good price/performance ratio.
Yamaichi Electronics can also meet special customer-specific needs. In addition to SIM card readers, Yamaichi also offers a portfolio of other automotive-suitable plug connectors. These include SD card readers, board-to-cable solutions with ZIF or non-ZIF function, board edge connectors and a large number of high-speed connectors and cables.