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eXtremeDB Embedded Database V. 6.0 Gains Speed, Scalability & Developer Flexibility

McObject's new eXtremeDB 6.0 embedded DBMS boosts support for “Internet of things” (IoT) with distributed query processing, which partitions a database and distributes query processing across multiple servers, CPUs and/or CPU cores. Performance is accelerated – dramatically, in some cases – via parallel execution of database operations and by harnessing the capabilities of many host computers. 
Such “horizontal partitioning” may be designed into new systems, and is also the natural outgrowth of once-autonomous embedded systems and devices becoming interconnected, enabling data aggregation from diverse locations. Demand for distributed query processing cuts across embedded systems segments, and is especially relevant to the automation and control field, with usage scenarios that include smart energy generation systems that query data from wind turbines’ accelerometers to measure ‘wobble, and transportation systems that optimize traffic flow based on local data collected from thousands of vehicles and infrastructure control points. Other enhancements in eXtremeDB v. 6.0 include support for Wind River’s avionics platforms (VxWorks 653 and VxWorks CERT); data compression for both in-memory and on-disk databases, reducing storage costs to lower cost-of-ownership; improved encryption; more flexible transaction scheduling; Python language integration; Trigram database index support, to facilitate “fuzzy” or near matches between text strings; and a covered index option, which adds the ability to store key values in b-tree indexes of in-memory databases. 

About McObject

McObject develops the eXtremeDB embedded database management system product family for intelligent devices and embedded systems. eXtremeDB makes embedded applications smarter, more reliable and more cost-effective to develop and maintain, providing critical data management features -- including transactions, concurrent access, and a high-level data definition language -- with a code size of 150K or less. With its core in-memory database system (IMDS) architecture, eXtremeDB delivers the real-time responsiveness demanded in applications that cannot tolerate the response latency of on-disk database systems. At Embedded World 2015, McObject will showcase recently released eXtremeDB version 6.0, including clustering and high availability editions.