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ARM Trainings

Logic Technology is the only ARM partner in the Benelux with ARM TOOLS EXPERT Status. This means that our sales engineers are authorized to provide ARM trainings on a wide range of ARM technology topics, written by the world's most experienced ARM technology trainers. These private courses can be delivered at your choice of location, and content can be customized to suit your needs.

Key features

* Comprehensive: broad selection of courses, from basic two-day courses, to five-day intensive masterclasses, covering ARM hardware, software and tools
* Authoritative: course content written and delivered by a team of ARM experts with over 1000 years of relevant experience between them, dealing with customers' technical issues every working day
* Flexible: courses can be delivered at your choice of location – either at your offices or at Logic's headquarters – and content can be customized to match your team's specific skills and interests

Benefits for engineers

* Quickly find out what ARM products can do and how to connect them
* Verify your technical understanding with an ARM expert, face-to-face
* Learn where to go in the ARM documentation to find out more about specific topics
* Discuss your product plans with an ARM expert, face-to face
* Build your professional network

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