Guide: Accelerate Development

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Accelerate Development

Accelerate your product development cycle with tools, software stacks and industrial grade hardware. While off-loading overhead and complexity from the development team.

Happy team, great products and a short time to-test.

What Will You Learn?

Hardware Development

Electronics are the core of any intelligent product. Time spent in hardware development is costly and redesigns are expensive and time consuming. Dive into hardware build acceleration

Build Time Acceleration

Have you ever considered using the idle processing power within your own network environment?

User Interfaces

Give your product management and marketing department the ability to visualize your brand, without impacting your software development process

Requirements Analysis

Getting your requirements right, creates a faster go-to-market for your embbed or IoT product.

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build time acceleration
Build Time Acceleration

Accelerate your build time and cut down on your development cycles

development kits
Development Kits

Development Kits containing an Evaluation Board, a Board Support Package for a selected OS or RTOS and documentation; everything you need to get started with your project.

Computer Modules

Industry compliant embedded Computer on modules with long-time availability

Ui builder for embedded and iot
UI Builder

Our tools make it easier for designers and developers to rapidly create optimized embedded GUIs that focus on delivering a brilliant UX

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