Traceability and Certification

Clear the way for easy certification with tools for traceability and certification. Mitigate risk and produce high-quality products that meet requirements on time and in budget.

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TBevolve is an additional module to Testbed that identifies and tracks significant source code changes and enables projects to accurately monitor the impact of these code changes on their testing process.


TBmanager is a task-based interface that creates a common user experience among the compliance modules accommodating regression suites, test scripts and testing of applications developed using multiple programming languages.


TBsafe provides developers, testers and managers of high integrity software with a set of analysis tools to test their code rigorously to exacting standards for example DO-178B, Def Stan 00-55 and IEC 61508. TBsafe is particularly suited to gaining certification from outside bodies.

Managing requirements during the SDLC

If you have a complex system and a large development team, the sheer number and distribution of requirements can make that task unmanageable. To cope, many companies are moving to formal tools and requirements-driven development and testing. By focusing on requirements, teams are able to find the sweet spot between over-engineering (which is expensive and time-consuming) or under-engineering (which raises the risk of failure).

André De Ceuninck

André De Ceuninck

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