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International Space Station (ISS)

The International Space Station (ISS) is one of the most ambitious scientific and technical projects ever undertaken in human spaceflight. Airbus is leading the European contribution to this project and is part of ESA's industrial operator team for the operation and utilization of the European elements of the ISS.

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While video streaming has become a standard in most European households, video streaming in space requires an entirely different approach. The ISS requires real-time transmission of experiment data and video images to the ground. Through innovative data solutions that require stringent specifications, Airbus and Logic Technology have accomplished a stabile real-time transmission to earth.

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Video Streaming Solution for ISS

"Logic Technology’s solutions have been very beneficial in achieving our challenging requirements. The close cooperation between our local development team, the supplier support team and Logic Technology during the entire project was another factor that contributed to our joined success."

– Sven Rakers

Project Manager at Airbus Defense & Space

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