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Code coverage solutions can help you optimize test coverage and manage code complexity. Structural coverage analysis, also known as code coverage analysis, provides a measure of the extent to which software code has been exercised under specific test conditions. Structural (or code) coverage is a dynamic analysis metric that describes the extent to which embedded software code has been exercised during test. There are many different metrics for structural coverage – some much easier to achieve than others – but the easier they are to achieve, the less the code under test is exercised in their achievement. Our tools can handle all common practice industry metrics.

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LDRAcover is a Code Coverage Reporting Tool. It provides users with the ability to quickly and easily view code coverage results such as callgraphs, flowgraphs, and reports in an interactive easy-to-use interface with powerful filtering capabilities.


Optimal, Cost-efficient handling of Coding Rule Violations – TBexclude is a facility that enables deviation, removal, justification or documentation of individual or multiple standards/rules in the LDRA tool suite.


Testbed is a unique quality control tool that provides powerful source code testing and analysis facilities for the validation and verification of software applications. It is invaluable where computer software is required to be reliable, rugged and as error free as possible and its use brings substantial time, cost and efficiency savings.

Code Coverage

Code coverage is a measure used to describe the degree to which the source code of a program is tested by a particular test suite. A program with high code coverage has been more thoroughly tested and has a lower chance of containing software bugs than a program with low code coverage. Many different metrics can be used to calculate this; some of the most basic are the percent of program subroutines and the percent of program statements called during execution of the test suite.

With our solutions, you maximize coverage and get all the metrics required to keep complexity under control.

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